Central Victorian District Meetings are held every second month via Zoom.  District Meetings deal with the 'business' side of issues relating to the CV District.

Next Meeting : AGM

Bendigo Baptist Church

10 Parsonage Grove, Eaglehawk

Saturday 6 December 2023 @ 2.00pm

Download Previous Minutes 19 July 2023
Download AGM Agenda 6 December 2023


The General Service Conference is the practical means by which the Group conscience in Australia can express itself in matters that concern the Fellowship as a whole. The existence of Conference is moreover a guarantee that the Fellowship will be able to function under all conditions. It is, in effect, the successor to the founders of AA, ensuring the continuity of the work within the framework of the Twelve Traditions.

2023 General Service Conference Topics
Archived Meeting Minutes
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CV District Plan of Procedure
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